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Who we are

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WEMES Consulting  specialized in SVC/STATCOM Systems calculation and dimensioning,

 Electrical Networks Analysis specialized in installation engineering planning

Dr. Alberto Fragiacomo, graduated with PhD in Physics and Electrical Engineering.

 He deeply knows the theoretical criteria of an SVC system and gives a support with measures to improve

 and optimize the Power Electrical Network System Stability.

He has a significant experience in High / Medium / Low Voltage PFC and SVC systems planning

 having experience of detailed engineering and Tests & Measurements, and commissioning regarding these kind of plants.


CXO for Steemaking plants Advisor-Strategist for TSO Network Study

with SVC/STATCOM/DCM stability and Project, EAF-LRF-SAF Furnaces and Rolling Mills

Energy Power Quality disturbances Study and Measurements.


Declaration on this Curriculum-Vitae are Truth, for Italian Law art. 46 e 47 of D.P.R. 445/2000  


Dr. Alberto Fragiacomo

 ITALY - North-East-Veneto; Winter Local Time: GMT+1

Mob.:  +39 347 2618940 ;  Email: wemes@wemes.it   
Update the: 10 febbraio 2021